Board Of Directors Posts

The new Board of Directors of our group was determined by the election held in the Holding General Assembly in 2018.

As the management of our new vision; We aim to carry Bera Holding, the largest and most powerful model of Anatolian Capital, to global leadership in its core business. With the power we get from our mission; We aim to build a future in which we can be proud of our partners, shareholders, suppliers, employees, in brief, all our stakeholders. While sailing on these new goals, we will strive to strengthen the values ​​of all brands belonging to our group, to look confidently in the future and to maximize our profitability. As the Board of Directors, we will lead a centered and transparent transformation in the light of collective mind.

As it is known, our group is one of the largest and most widely spread multi-partner capital models of our country and even the world with its structure at the establishment stage. In the Organizations; There are high ideals based on our belief values, love of homeland and the desire to develop our country. This capital structure allows us to see all the companies of our holding as the 'property of our partners' and to continue our way with great love with the consciousness of 'the blessing of trust'. In other words, our duties and responsibilities are; They are more comprehensive, more difficult, and bigger and bigger duties and responsibilities than companies and businesses owned by individuals or families.

While conducting our business, we are aware of the expectations of our partners, shareholders and the whole society from us. While keeping our responsibilities alive at all times, we will continue to keep our social responsibilities alive against our country, where we provide employment and added value.

We are aware that the work we do and do is not just budget and numbers. We are determined to lead the important transformations by adding dynamism and young energy to more than 30 years of experience from our past. The sublime intentions of our Anatolian people at the establishment stage and their prayers will continue to enlighten our path in the goals of 2023-2073. These spiritual foundations also inspire our moral principles that we always keep alive and our ideals that give us great excitement. Together with all our employees, especially our board of directors, we will strive to keep this vision alive and sustained.