Golda Food - Karaman


The facilities of Golda, one of the prominent companies of the Food and Marketing Group, in Karaman are designed with the concept of a food city, taking place among the largest integrated projects in our country and the world with an open area of 1 million 100 thousand square meters and a closed area of 80 thousand square meters. As of today, in giant facilities where investments continue, flour, semolina, pulses, pasta, biscuits, marshmallows, and wafers are produced, and the products reach our country and the world with the brands of “Golda, Melda, and Anatoli”.

With a closed area of 17 thousand square meters, a pasta factory that produces 18 kinds of pasta, a iscuit factory with an annual production capacity of 12 thousand tons, an annual 24 thousand tons of pulses production facility with the slogan “From Field to Table” and a daily flour production capacity of 300 tons, “Golda Gıda” is integrated maintains its privileged position within its facilities. Another facility that carries out production with Golda assurance is the cattle dairy breeding facility. In the facility with a capacity of 1000 animals, 500 calves are raised in addition to annual milk production of 5 million liters.


Address: Konya Yolu Üzeri 2. Km. Kazımkarabekir / KARAMAN

Telephone: 0 338 311 29 01 (20 hat)

Fax: 0 338 311 29 00