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Bera Holding

Bera Holding Group has been the pioneer of a new economic breakthrough in Anatolia with its multi-partnered structure and working system based on profit and loss ...

Anatolian Capital's Gate to the World

Export to 112 Different Countries

As Bera Holding, we know that;

The need of companies for community trust, the need for companies that they can trust in their society will never change.

We aim to build a livable Corporate Culture with our Openness, Transparency, Accountability, Integrity and Ethical values.

Bera Holding attaches great importance to the disclosure of its financial and non-financial information to its shareholders, shareholders, employees, customers, domestic and international suppliers, in brief, to all stakeholders of the society and to the general public. We keep all information about the Holding on its website and inform the public through Annual Activity Reports, Press Releases and KAP Announcements.

Revenues Report From 2019 to 2023, our operating revenues has increased by 473% in the last 5 years.