Adaçal Industrial Minerals - Afyon


Adaçal, one of the ambitious brands of Bera Holding, has been operating in the lime sector from its establishment in 2000 to 2009, while it has incorporated PCC technology with its new investment in 2009 and entered the industrial minerals market with the “adaCAL” brand. With this investment; It has achieved a proud success as the first company to produce PCC raw materials in our country, which were previously imported by paper, paint, plastic, medicine, and food industries. Adaçal, which will increase its lime production from 250 tons per day to 650 tons in 2020, continues its investments with the construction of a kiln with a production of 400 tons per day and the construction of a Micronized Calcium Oxide Plant. Adaçal, which prioritizes its responsibility to the environment and our people by using the carbon dioxide generated in lime production in the production of “Precipitated Calcium Carbonate”, was considered worthy of the “MÜSİAD Environmentalist Product Award” in 2012. Adaçal, which is not dependent on foreign raw materials, in exports; It contributes to the economy of the country by having a voice in distant regions such as South America, South Africa, and Malaysia, especially in close regions such as Asia Minor, Russia, Middle East, North Africa, and Southern Europe.


Address: Menderes Mah. Emir Afşin Bulvarı No:214 Emirdağ / AFYON

Telephone: 0 272 442 83 20- 26

Fax: 0 272 442 78 29